Certainly Not Maximum

So I went home for the weekend as my mum wanted to do some house reorganisation (again). But first, I had a CCA photoshoot to contend with on Saturday. That coincided with a videoshoot, and I was the videographer. Wearing traditional clothes.

Having contended with a tiring day, I suddenly remembered my mother’s plan so I had to ditch dinner with the gang and I ran off, taking the train while still in my traditional clothes. I know people don’t usually see a young man in such an attire, but don’t cast dirty looks at me as if I’m a foreigner or something!

Anyway, parents dragged me to IKEA and we spent the next day, sunday, fixing up 5 shelves and rearranging the study. In between my cousins came over and disrupted the tight schedule. That meant that I could start on my tutorial only at 10pm. Unfortunately, I had to edit the above mentioned video. That lasted from 12mn to 5.30am.

Did you wear a diaper that night, I hear you ask.

The answer is yes, I did. But I chose the wrong diaper. You see, I had intended to wear for a couple of hours, do someĀ business and take it off. I didn’t expect to wear it for like 10 hours. That was why I experienced my first diaper leak in a very long while – a Certainty diaper doesn’t have the capacity of a Tena Slip Maxi. Admittedly, I doubt that the Tena Slip Super could have held that flood in.

Certainty not Maxi.

– Selv


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