Pampered with Pampers

So, the Fairprice Supermarket nearby my house is having a sort of promotion for Pampers. There’s this huge events area right beside the entrance that is stocked full with pampers from newborn till size 6 I think. I think Mamy Poko is also having a smaller-scaled promo too. Of course I didn’t stop to stare, but it did catch my attention. As well as the attention of all the kids and toddlers who were entering the store.

But it got me thinking. It’s my own personal observation and it may not be wholly accurate, but I see that today, most babies older than 1 are using pull-up style diaper rather than tape-on ones. The bulge is not that obvious and usually the elastic waistband is peeking out over their top of the pants/skirt/undearwearthingy. Even my youngest cousin wears pull-ups.

Is there a trend on the mummy forums that makes it hip for parents to prefer pull-ups? Sure, it mimics regular underwear and is easy to make off for both kid and parent. But it seems that they are prone to diaper-blowouts, as is the case with my cousin . And parents – surely they must be aware of this limitation – are fine with it? I believe I’m missing something here.

The other thing is that with a fall in demand for tape-on baby disposables will lead to a fall in supply of these diapers. Hopefully our local ABDLs won’t be inconvenienced, though admittedly this seems like a far-fetched idea at the moment. Remember how Pampers size 7 disappeared with the arrival of Goodnites? It won’t happen suddenly, but it will happen quietly.

As for me, I’m sticking to my Tenas. But I’ll be keeping a close watch on baby diapers too. blogpost121

– Selv


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