Random Rambling Week

School’s not going well, and it’s not because of the studies part. Been uncovering quite a bit of cynicism among my classmates, but let’s not talk further about it.

I guess the highlight of the week was today’s picnic at Sembawang with my cca mates. Some say that the way into a girl’s heart is through her stomach, and today I see that it is true. I made some marshmallow rice krispie treats, lathered on team and melted chocolate and rolled it up swiss-roll style. I can sense y’all drooling… ¬†Unfortunately, the girl I was eyeing thought my confection was not vegetarian so she didn’t try them out.

Finally managed to buy some diapers last week. But it was only this week that I managed to get some extended mileage in one. Sat in my Uni room studying for a math lecture test the next day so managed to wear from 8-5. However, nature called in a big way, so I had to take it off.

Yeah, I know my diaper is messy… room, I meant!

– Selv


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