What A Day…

I apologise in advance, I really have to let this off my chest.

It’s been an upsetting day of sorts.

I witnessed a WhatsApp fight on a school CCA group. Nothing unusual.

While I attended my business module, I witnesses the ugly side of Singaporeans, where people scrambled to shoot down my group, as well as others. For what? To beat the bell-curve? Fine, but no need to be cynical! My group escaped the bloodbath that engulfed the next group thanks to my seminar tutor. But the next group’s woes were sickening¬†because ¬†after the audience killed them, the tutor himself insisted on correcting a technicality, while the all-girl group maintained that they were right and he was wrong.

People were relishing in that heated dialogue between tutor and girl-group. Some did their best to get to the defence of the group, but many others were sniggering away. I’m not a person who enjoys seeing others suffer. But they cynical and ugly singaporean trait of kiasuism (fear of losing out) reared its ugly head. Why must people shoot down others, just so that their group can do better? Don’t they believe that they will be affected next week when it is their turn? It may be true that karma doesn’t strike people equally but is that a reason to hurt another person’s feelings (don’t talk about the grades anymore)?

I’m honestly very glad that I’m taking an engineering course where people are very supportive of their peers. Unlike Business, and Humanities courses, I’ve heard.


But the day couldn’t have ended without me witnessing a couple fight in HSS. I was waiting for my dad to pick me up when I began to write the above post. Some of you may have noticed the incomplete earlier draft.

A guy comes along to meet his girl at this place where I’m seated. The guy is furious. It seems that he had been waiting for her for 3 hours. The girl in turn was frustrated because he didn’t pick up her calls to him.

Stuff was being said, but I didn’t bother until the guy threw his phone onto the adjacent table. She mumbled something, to which the guy raised his hand to slap her.

I intervened. I went up to the guy and asked him if this was how he should treat a woman. They asked me to f*k off, but I didn’t. I reminded him that each relationship will have problems and that you don’t beat a woman for it, that he could have simply gone up to her location to ask instead of sulking and switching off his phone.

“Shame on you’, I scolded at him before the girl’s senses kicked in and they both barked at me to not interfere in their personal matter and that I will find out the hard way when I get a girlfriend blah blah. So I unceremoniously walked away, but I hope that they patched up afterward.

Please people. It is more important to be a good human being, than to be the best human being.

– Selv


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