Sinusoidal Feelings

Alright.. I had been a little emo in my last post (pun not intended), but guess that’s part of life in one form or another. I mean, love is a delicate topic that has inspired many tales and battles.

I had gone for the aforementioned society’s interviews for entering one of their sub-committees, Events. The interviews were in group format, so there were four of us in a group that was being interviewed. All 6 committees were being done in one room, so everyone could see each other.

Throughout our interview, a guy kept looking at a girl. I knew her from last week’s event, and I knew who she was, so I kept paying attention to what the interviewers were saying. But the interviewer had noticed his expressions and he blurted out ‘R—- is actually our vice-president S—-‘s girlfriend’.

The poor guy’s face just changed. In one sentence, his hope had been dashed. And that is the nature of love – your desire gets smashed as fast as it gets built-up. I heard later that he declined to join Events, while I was posted to P&P.

As for me, I fell into a sad state last week. In my main CCA, a photography club, the boys like to link me up to another indian girl. I too didn’t regard it too much – until one of them brought it out into a club meeting – where that girl was present.

I held my tongue until after the meeting, then I blasted him. But the damage had already been done – that girl started to avoid me.

Or so, I thought. Fast forward to another event today. I had no idea that she was there. But towards the end, she came over and we chatted for quite a while, until she had to leave. While it probably doesn’t mean anything, it shows that she wasn’t angry about the previous debacle during the photography meeting. #gotchance

Hmm, this post turned out to be emotional too…

– Selv


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