Thoughts on Romance

Wouldn’t it be nice if you had a girlfriend-wife who you could care for?

You pick her up from work, return home, cook dinner with her/eat out together, take a shower together then before bed you put her in her night-time diaper and give her a warm hug and kiss her goodnight before tucking her in as you climb under the covers? 

Except that, statistically, it’s not going to happen. 

I am not going to lie and say that I don’t have such wishful thinking. But after years of trawling through ABDL forums, social media and even fetish sites, I would say that the probability for a white male to meet such a partner is about 20% while the probability for an Asian living in Asia is less than 10%. Though that number might be larger in metropolitan areas.

In this day and age, women want respect. They want to be accorded the mutual respect that comes with education. These are good practices. But they would inhibit women from wanting to be cared for- they can take care of themselves! (That doesn’t mean that they don’t crave attention, which I feel that we as gentlemen should give them 🙂

Throw in the complexities of a conservative society, and the depressingly generalized Google search results for ‘ABDL’, and you have a recipe to turn a girl away from you. 

As I keep searching for that life partner, I gently have to remind myself that my future soulmate probably won’t want to do her morning number ones or twos in ‘a thing that only babies wear’. Moreover, she will thoroughly be against me doing my morning number ones and twos in a noisy, crinkly garment. 

Her simplest reasoning would be ‘it’s not hygienic’, her most guilt-tripping one would invoke religion, and her most likely reasoning would be ‘that ABDLs are sickos (we are not)’. 

I understand that people have successfully done it before. There are a number of podcasts and articles that give very good advice on how to go about doing this. 

You shouldn’t date a girl who doesn’t accept you for who you are, I hear you say. If only… if only it were that simple. 

Will I be lucky? This is something that I’ve been longing for at least since I was 6. The believe is that, as long as you really want it, as long as you take the steps towards it (hence this blog), and as long as you are patient, then there will be results.

– Selv


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