It started with a handbag

Went for an NTU orientation event last Saturday. I may be in my second year, but I wanted to join different committees, meet new people. So I went for an event that said come, let’s become friends.

I could go into the details and all but it would be boring. But basically we playe some station games and they drilled us participants about the society, in a bid to make us join eventually (their interview is at the end of this week I think).

But it was what one of the girls in my group said that registered in my mind. It didn’t catch my attention, because I was so jaded by that point of the day, but it did register in my mind.

There were 9 of us, and we were walking from one station to another within the campus.

One of the other girls started by asking ‘hey, why did you bring your handbag around, isn’t it cumbersome?’

She replied a string of words which I feel lazy to translate but, as you can guess, was related to her going through ‘the time of the month’.

I instinctively tuned out, detached myself from the girls group and caught up with the boys. But then I heard it, something that I haven’t heard in a while.

“I hate when it gets heavy”,

“Just wear diapers la”

“Ya, I also wear them. But now it’s school and it hard to take care when you are staying in hall”.

Three of them giggle, before realizing just how candid they had been in a large group that included the opposite gender.

There was a very awkward silence before our group leader, a boy, changed the topic to how steep the slope we were climbing was, while the assistant leader, a girl who did not laugh, cooked up an excuse to detour away from the group for 5 minutes.

Yet again, it seems that these anecdotes are too fictionlike. But this happened, and it serves a a a reminder on just how dynamic human relationships can be.

– Selv


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