The Well of Withdrawal

Am gradually being sucked into a well of withdrawal…

School’s started in earnest, there are quizzes to study for, social events don’t feel social anymore and the search for a romantic partner has flatlined. I welcome myself to week 2 of the academic year.

The urge to wear has been popping up constantly, but these seem like minor afterthoughts rather than the urges that I got during the holidays. Somehow I just want to withdraw myself from the crowd and bury my nose in my books, which is the ‘official’ point of going to college anyway.

And there’s also the teeny tiny issue of a possible rat infestation in my hall, where my room is on the first floor. I thought that they were rumours. But I heard one for myself. Wearing diapers would more than halve the time I spend in the hall toilets. But that’s a pipe dream. #reasonstoweardiapers

I’ve lost a tonne of sleep, and it’s not just because of my rush to keep up with co-curricular activities as well as tutorials. No, it is because of my roommate’s insistence on switching on the air-conditioner to 16 deg C. Mind you, I’m a fan person and despite this being a tropical country, I find the air-conditioning cold. Needless to say, my roommate got the long end of the stick and I get to suffer.

Thank goodness I get to come home on the weekends. Now it’s time for me to catch up on a week’s worth of sleep.

– Selv



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