Back To The School-ture

School has started in earnest. I told myself that I wouldn’t miss lectures this semester, or even tutorials for that matter. But as of present, I have 5 hours of lectures pending. And I missed a tutorial, for a module which takes attendance.

I haven’t had much thought on wearing, because as with last time, my roommate is not local and thus is in the room 14/7.
Hopefully I clear my backlog by tomorrow afternoon. That way, I’ll have some free time. I’ll then do some writing, and maybe sleep a little.
Now it’s time for me to revise some physics, before I hit the haystack… erm… springstack covered with a bedsheet…
P.S. The campus shuttle services have gone from bad to worse over the holidays. Campus Rider Green was the most reliable last academic year, but now it’s more irregular than the rains.

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