The Toilet vs. The Diaper

Sometimes I like to ask Tumblr users this question anonymously (if i notice that they are into this aspect). But I’ve never been asked this question, so I thought I’d share my thoughts about it.

Which makes you sadder – having to poop in the toilet because you can’t use a diaper, or being unable to poop when you are wearing a diaper.

Some people replied that one leads to the other, which overall leads to an upset. Others picked one, without addressing the other 🙂

As for myself, I do feel sad when I’m wearing a diaper but I can’t move my insides. But that means that, I don’t pee, I can re use the diaper. Or if I already have, then I can wear it for a longer period. But I do feel downtrodden when I have to use the toilet. It usually occurs when I have something important in the morning, or my roommate is in. Unfortunately, my roommate for this semester is yet another foreigner, which means that we will be in our room for most of the time.

Having to use the toilet is a reminder to be in adult mode, to mentally prepare myself for the upcoming events and to forsake the comfort and security of my diaper for something that is more practical.

In other news, Singapore has celebrated our 51st National Day, minus some of our favourite elements. But the best gift so far came when Joseph Schooling won for us our first Olympic Gold Medal! We wish to congratulate him for his achievement in the 100m Men’s Butterfly swimming race, smashing the Olympic, Asian and National records. We wish him all the best for his career and future. Our hopes are also with the rest of Team Singapore for the remaining events of the Games.

As for me, I’ve been helping out in my school’s Photo-Video Society’s freshman orientation programmes. We held a zombie-themed event for a night, where participants had to navigate a zombie-infested building and snap picture in low-light conditions. The participants enjoyed it, but we too had great fun setting up the place and acting as Zombies. But now that is over, it is time for me to focus on my studies 😦

– Selv


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