I was out shopping with my mum at Daiso, a popular Japanese departmental store. They have a wide variety of household organisation products, and the price is always $2. (Apparently it still is RM5 in Malaysia…)

Anyway, mum was engrossed with the cutlery section, and I was browsing the handicraft section. Their products all hand from shelves, which permit conversation to pass through. It was because of this auditory feature that I overheard a three year old tell his mother that he needed the toilet.

Curious, and being near the end of the row, I snuck over to examine the fridge magnets at the end of that row, while peeking into their row, which had no other people. What I observed would have made any ABDL excited, but others would have felt sad for the child.

The child was bearing over, trying to do his deed. A few moments later, the mother removed his pants and exposed his diaper, remarking audibly that “it’s easier for you to berak (‘poop’ in Malay)”. The three year-old then squatted fully and started straining. I then turned and walked away.

At that point I was feeling more sorry for the child, that his own mother had exposed him during a very private moment, then thrilled at seeing an actual diaper. Who would strip their own child’s clothes down to their underwear in the middle of a crowded store? She should have escorted him to the toilets, before allowing him to continue.

I feel that not only was it irresponsible of that lady for doing that, but she was also passively reinforcing the notion that it is okay to take off your clothes in public, not to mention that it is okay to poop in your diaper. That section of the store was going to stink up, other shoppers were going to get affected.

Diapers may be designed to catch bodily emissions, but after all, they are an erstwhile form of underwear. Except when swimming, nobody exposes their underwear in public. Please, let use not subject kids to this kind of humiliation.

– Selv


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