I was lounging about in my room yesterday afternoon, lazily working on my story. The folks were at work and grandma was having her afternoon nap. It was a blissful moment, time was passing slowly. But the afternoon calm was shattered by the sound of the doorbell ringing!

Was my mum home already? Panicking, I stood up and tried in vain to tug off my diaper. Just then, my grandma started to knock on my door, asking me to go open the door. And there I was, trapped in a noisy Certainty diaper that was pulled 1/3 of the way down. With no  options left, I pulled on my shorts, shuffled my footsteps loudly and made my way to the front door.

Lo and behold, it was an official from the NEA, requesting permission to enter our premises to conduct checks for mosquito breeding spots. He explained that it was the height of the dengue season, and that the nearby block of flats had been identified as a Dengue cluster, hence the enforcement checks. With Zika fears spreading worldwide, our NEA has been extra vigilant with their yearly campaign this year.

I was so afraid that my diaper would start to crinkle, but I realised that it was now being stretched quiet. I followed him, as he inspected the toilets and kitchen, before seeing him out. Thankfully, he didn’t find any mozzie hazards, or I’d have had to take the corrective action there and then. And thankfully, neither he nor my grandma noticed my diaper.

I’ve been updating my blog, fixing a few broken links and adding stuff. You can read my review of the Fairprice Safe Control Diapers, as well as access the review of the Certainty Diapers. Thanks guys for pointing out that the link was broken! I’ve also added 2 Tumblr short stories. I know I promised to write every week, but I apologise for not keeping that promise, it has been a physical and emotional roller coaster these past few months.

– Selv



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