Pooping While Sibling Fighting

It was as if that day’s events were meant to be written in this blog. I know these anecdotes may seem fabricated, but trust me, they are true. Fact is stranger than fiction.

To earn some pocket-money, I work part-time at an outlet of a big IT retailer. This particular outlet, being located in the heartland areas, sees all types of characters from time to time. I was in the inner aisles, arranging some computer mice when I heard a commotion near the computer displays.

A 5 year-old boy had picked a fight with his 3 year-old sister. The attractive opulence of today’s touchscreen computers had drawn them both towards the biggest HP touchscreen monitor in the outlet, while daddy was amusing himself with the IP cameras and mummy was yakking away on the phone. So there we had it – two small kids staring at a glowing gizmo.

The boy deftly found a game to play, and his sister wanted to play too. The boy started to block her, and she started whining – louder and louder – until their mother snapped out of her phone conversation, clearly embarrassed. She first tried to carry her daughter.

But she started throwing a fit, demanding that she be allowed to play. Clearly out of ideas, she put her down and went ‘let mei mei play, it’s her turn, be fair’.

The young boy was clearly not happy with that outcome. He first started bawling, and then bumped his sister out of the way. And that made her cry too. Admittedly, If I were that parent, I would have wanted to cry too.

But the mother, finding her voice, yelled loudly, in front of the other customers:

“Enough is enough SHUT UP DARREN!”


She scooped up her wailing daughter and dragged her wailing son, walking towards the exit, with her face as red as a tomato.

By this time, I had dropped my mice and was watching the spectacle from a quiet spot. I could see my colleagues at the other side of the shop giggling too. Amazingly, their father was too absorbed in checking out the IP cameras that he hadn’t noticed. Perhaps we have too many aisles…

The young mother, clearly worn out, put her down at the entrance, turned around and started to lecture the son. I turned around to go back to my stacking when the girl said ‘I poo poo’. My heart skipped a beat.

The mother knelt down, right at the entrance and did a substantial diaper check, pulling down her pants and pulling the tape-on diapers to check. This was being done in a very public spot, right across a popular cafe in full view of the lunch-goers.

The little girl had to endure taunts from her brother, who was quickly sent off to fetch the diaper-bag from their father, before being whisked off to the toilets to change.

As the afternoon progressed and I waited around for customers, I kept thinking about the incident. Perhaps the girl was a little overdue for her daily doo-doo, and was already a little angsty. That might have caused her to squabble whinily with her brother. The rush of emotions might have enabled nature to take its’ course a few moments later.

I had this”brilliant” idea to retell this incident to another part-timer later on in the evening, because I thought she looked like a prominent ABDL and wanted to see her reaction. But I messed it up cos I was feeling embarrassed myself, leading to an awkward moment.

– Selv



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