The 5 Stages Of Being Padded

To many, wearing a diaper past the age of crawling is often an artform. For an ABDL, who is a human being that is not expected to be wearing diapers, the entire process from start to finish might be something you don’t think about. Bedwetting kids and late-trained kids don’t worry much beyond wearing them, as parents often buy their padding for them. But for the rest of us, we have to take care of everything from start to finish.

1)  Purchase


5sobp 1

Purchasing diapers is the hardest for many people because it is the  stage in which other people are involved. One could get their diapers at a pharmacy/medical store, or at a supermarket. Do you shop at your nearest outlet, where you could be seen by neighbours and friends, or do you take a bus/cycle to the next neighbourhood?  Do you wear a disguise, or do you simply walk-in in your school uniform? What do you tell people if they ask you why are you buying diapers?

If one is old enough and have their own credit or debit card, they could order online. Ordering online allows for a better variety, but you must be aware of shipping  charges. Then there is the issue of delivery. Would your family or housemates be at home? Would they be curious as to what’s in the package? Alternatively, you could arrange to have your parcel delivered to a self pick-up location, which certain postal carriers offer. In Singapore, we have Singpost POPstations.

You’d also have to choose what diaper you’d want to wear. Baby diaper or adult ‘briefs’? Tape-on or pull-ups? Storebrand, medical or a premium ABDL diaper? Cloth-backed or plastic-backed? Blue or Pink? The choice available to the ABDL consumer today is indeed very large.

2) Storage

5sobp 2

The diaper stash of Redditor LittleGMoney

The second stage of being padded is storing your diapers. Where can you keep your diaper that is safe from your family’s/housemates eyes? Which place is safe from the elements like sunlight and insects? And is that place convenient for you to keep taking out diapers when you need them?

Common hiding places include under one’s bed and in their closet. However, past experience and online forums repeatedly stress that these are the worst places to store because this is where parents look first!

Alternatives hiding places include boxes filled with items such as books, clothes etc, that are kept out of sight under tables etc. A tip I read on ADISC was to place your diaper package in a box, label it, and fill that doc with some of the labelled things e.g. old socks. Alternatively, you could pull out the drawers in your cupboards and hide each diaper behind the drawer. I used to be able to hide 24 diapers this way in my old closet.

3) Wearing the diaper


This is our favourite stage. Putting on a diaper and going back to bliss land, or baby land. But there are things to consider, like where you are going to wear your diaper. Is it at home, at work, or for an outing? When is the best time to wear? Who will be at home and what time do they return?

Some like to wear pyjamas over their diaper. Others like to lounge around in just their padding. Some even like to wear two or even three layers! Choose a style that fits your comfort level. Choose an attire that helps you get into the babyish mood. Or call over a caregiver or girlfriends/boyfriends.

There is the issue of noise. Plastic-backed diapers can be noisy. Some find that it accentuates the babyish feeling while others find that it is a nuisance. For those who live with their folks, they may want to wear a cloth-backed diaper when around folks that do not know of their secret.

Then there is the issue of using the diaper for its intended purpose. Some like to ‘let go’ and feel ‘relieved’. But are you prepared to deal with the smell of the aftermath?

There is also the consideration of how long you are going to be in the diaper. Eight minutes, just to do your evening poop? Eight hours, sleeping in your diaper and not having to get up in the middle of the night to use the latrine? Or eighteen hours on a long-distance bus journey from Sydney to Melbourne?

4) Clean up

5sobp 5

Source: comicphonics

This is admittedly my least favourite part of the padded journey. Clean ups come in a number of combinations too.

Clean-ups at home are the easiest – you hop into your shower, remove your diaper and have a good scrub down. It the diaper was just wet, you could just wipe your areas with a wipe, before changing into either underwear or another diaper.

You could stand in your bedroom and get cleaned up. But the quality of the cleanliness may not be the best when compared to changing in the shower. There is also the prevalent threat of finding brown flecks in the area once you’re done.

A caregiver or partner may be willing to change your diaper for you. Do make sure that they are alright with doing this as, after all, you’re dealing with excrement! Getting your diaper changed by another person is one experience of great bonding, for you are entrusting control of your body to another.

Clean-ups on the go are a different matter. The wet-wipe is a must-have in your backpack, along with a change of diapers. Finding a quiet cubicle could be a challenge, as well as keeping the crinkling noise of your diaper down. I’ve learned that most people don’t really bother as they are more worried about their own matters. But, if you’re anxious, then just wait out in the cubicle for a few minutes before moving out. Remember to wash your hands! But what do you do with the used diaper then?

5) Disposal


It may seem that there is no big deal with getting rid of a used diaper, but seasoned users of diapers know otherwise. Most off us don’t have the luxury of having a diaper pail in our lives (come to think of it, they stink pretty bad).For starters, those living with unknowing family and housemates can’t just simply waltz up to their trashcan and throw away a very obvious piece of rubbish!

Some are able to, when the folks are still asleep. One other way is to place it in a plastic bag before throwing it away. That attracts less attention, but some explaining may still be required with regards to the regularity.

An alternative is to keep that used diaper in your room for a while. Wait until you go out for the day. Then, on the way to the bus-stop to train station, throw it away. Finding a less frequented dustbin is a bonus, but it’s not always feasible.

Clean-ups in public places on the other hand requires that you do throw away your diaper in public dustbins. This is where it is wise to bring along an opaque plastic bag. While in the cubicle, I’ll placed the used diaper in a plastic bag and keep it in my backpack, and throw it away in a dustbin farther away. I avoid throwing the diaper away in the toilet itself as people will realise immediately.

Wearing diapers isn’t like wearing regular underwear. Not many people outside of our circle realise this, because they’ve never thought about it (duh!) But how many among us think about the trouble we put ourselves through, just to be able to feel comfy and secure!

This post isn’t supposed to be a definitive guide on wearing diaper. It is just my thoughts and techniques which I hope would be of slight assistance to those who read it. With that, I’m going to await the release of the Harry Potter script book tomorrow morning. I promised bringing my sister over for the launch, guess I have to sleep early tonight.

– Selv


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