Getting Padded

I really want to wear some padding, but I just can’t find an opportunity to smuggle them into the house. I work from noon till 9pm, and in the evenings my family will be in the living room. That prevents me from bringing in a bulging bag without avoiding ‘what’s in the bag’ questions.

Before my grandmother moved in with us, I used to cycle to the neighbouring district to get my diapers. I’d just hang the bag on the handlebar and cycle home as the plastic bag hid the colourful designs of the diaper packaging. But then, my grandmother moved in, and my bicycle got confiscated and sold off as my dad thought it was a distraction to my studies.

Around the time my grandma moved in, I started carrying my schoolbag to the shop/supermarket. During this period, I never bought from one place. I experimented with different locations and brands. But once I paid, I would find a suitable corner and stuff the whole pack into my bag. Sometimes I ended up carrying some notes in hand as there was no space for both.

Nowadays, post National Service, I mostly buy from the aforementioned neighbouring district, and just carry an empty bag into the shop. Then I take a bus back home or to my uni hall room. I avoid the train as they often checkĀ bulging bags and try to avoid reaching home in the evenings, where my folks would be present.

– Selv


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