Choosing my next diaper

I’m thinking of buying some new diapers. But not sure which ones I should go for.

The Tena Slips Supers are the first to come to mind. But I’ve gained some fats and I’m scared that the tight fitting would make it hard for me to sleep. This puts the Tena Slip Maxi away too.

Then there is the Tena Value, which was once my go-to diaper. Unfortunately, the current design has a very noisy frontal patch, which isn’t good as I live with my folks.

One diaper that I keep thinking about is the NTUC Extra Care diaper. I’ve prepared the review, and it should be up soon. It has a very comfortable fit, comparable to the old Tena Value, and it makes less noise than other plastic-backed diapers. But I just bought them recently…

The Lille SupremFit diapers are out of question because I have to travel quite a distance to get them. Then there are the Giant and Budget store brand diapers, but they don’t even hold one full wetting.

I’m steering away from the Certainty and Dr.P lines, as they are my ‘bad luck’ diapers. The former makes me sick, and the latter gets me caught.

I’m somehow tempted to try the Giant and Guardian store brand pull-ups. But something tells me that I’ll be sorely disappointed the moment I open up the pack. That’s why I’m delaying buying them.

I guess at this point I’ll just admit that I really miss the old Tena Value and Control Plus diapers. I guess that since NTUC’s Extra Care diapers are the closest in terms of fit and looks and material, I’ll probably get them.

Writing things down helps me sort out my thoughts, and I hope you guys enjoyed an insight into my thoughts.

– Selv



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