The First 100

I’ve been blogging for the past 2 years, and it is now that I hit the significant milestone of my 100th blog post. What started off as a place for me to collate my ABDL writings has now grown to something that transcends borders

My writing journey has not been the smoothest, as I have very little time these days. But I think I am still keeping to my original intent of letting my readers delve into the Southeast-asian perspective of the ABDL world, through my words. My diaper reviews are a testament to this, as they are seen by people from diverse backgrounds.

I wish to take this opportunity to thank my readers for constantly following my words. It is only through your encouragement that I get the inspiration to continue. If there is any topic you’d like me to explore, I would gladly elaborate on it

Many of you have emailed me or contacted me through social media and I wish to express my sincere appreciation for all your kind words. I will be around if there is anything needed of me.

– Selv




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