What has happened to Control Plus Diapers?

Some of you may have realised that the once-popular Control Plus Diaper brand has been unavailable for a while. I too have been distraught that a good diaper brand has disappeared from supermarket shelves, so I’ve been doing a little research.

SCA is a global hygiene and paper products company that is based in Stockholm, Sweden. In ABDL circles, it is best known as the maker of the fabled Tena Slip Maxi diapers. And as with other major global corporations, SCA has been operating regional offices. In Asia, these were sited in Taiwan, Korea and Malaysia. Let’s take a closer look at the Malaysian one.

The Control Plus adult diaper brand was originally owned by Drypers Malaysia, which marketed the Drypers baby diapers. In March 2004, these 2 brands were the leaders of their respective markets. Then SCA came along and acquired Drypers Malaysia to become SCA Hygiene Products Malaysia, and it was nearly business as usual. Except that nearly 10 years later, these 2 brands were no longer the leaders in their respective fields.

(Sidenote: Today, the competition in SG and MY is so stiff that no one company dares to claim that it is the market leader for adult diapers.)

Now that SCA had managed to acquire the market leading brands of the region, it did what many expected it to do – expand on its existing brands, without worry about it’s newest additions. After all, if the money didn’t go to the left pocket, it was going to the right pocket.

The Tena Value Adult diapers were already present, but SCA could now introduce its other Tena diapers at the expense of Control Plus. SCA also introduced the Dr.P adult diaper brand to Southeast Asia. It was a cheaper brand with a fitting that was suited for most local users. Thus, the sales of the Control Plus lines plummeted.

Enter Vinda Holdings, a company based in China that deals with tissue papers. In November 2013, SCA International managed to become the majority shareholder of Vinda Holdings, the third-largest tissue company in China. As part of the agreement, the latter, now Vinda International Holdings, was to acquire the above-mentioned three SCA regional offices in Taiwan, Korea and Malaysia. That agreement was signed recently, on 1st April 2016.

With the operations getting bigger and bigger, it was no wonder that Vinda, which manages the regional operations of its’ owner, decided to trim back on its offerings. In the adult diaper segment, it already was managing the Tena and Dr.P lines, both of which cater to different segments of the market with wide ranges each. With a market that has fierce competition from house-brand adult diapers and with the sales of the 2-product Control Plus line near rock bottom, the brand has slipped into history.

I have written to a few places seeking an answer, will update this post with their replies.

Until then, we will have to make do with other brands. One thing that this has impressed upon me is that there will always be changes, and that we shouldn’t get too attached to items, even if our dignity or pleasure depends on it.

– Selv


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