Using An Enema

Some of you may have heard of the Fleet enema – it comes in a small bottle and it is one-time use. However, I’ve been researching their usage, and there’s some strong opinions against their usage because the solution used might result in electrolyte imbalances. And I myself have gotten headaches after using them.

The main use of an enema is as a bulking agent, as well as a lubricant. Basically it adds volume to the colon by introducing water, to signal the bowels to move. And the liquid acts to soften and make the contents of the colon move easier. That is why people with constipation are given enemas, albeit as a last resort out to their embarrassing way they are administered.

There are other enemas out there, namely the bulb and bucket/bag types. The bulb enema utilises small volumes, while the bucket/bag operates with larger volumes.

It is notable that many people out there who practise bowel cleansing using enemas. It is even used as a treatment technique by Ayurveda, the ancient Indian traditional medicine. While the frequencies, solutions and volumes used vary – coffee enemas are very popular-  the general belief is that fecal matter tends to get stuck in the colon from time-to-time, and if left there would cause toxicity and cancer. While there is insufficient evidence to back this up, people actively perform bowel cleansing just to be on the safe side.

Of course, ABDLs and those into BDSM picked up the enema technique, as a form of role-play and domination. As enemas are meant to clear one’s gut out, the submissive character is ‘forced’ to poop themselves, usually into a waiting diaper, to experience a level of humiliation and helplessness that is said to be unparalleled.

After hearing the warnings about the Fleet enema, I decided to give the Bucket Enema a try. At the same time, I came across a very helpful website which gave tips on everything to do with enemas – from choosing a solution to deciding the volume.

I decided to try a modest 500ml warm pure water+ 1/2 tsp salt solution. I woke up early in the morning to do this, so I merely untaped my nighttime diaper and proceeded to administer it. Then I waited for 10 minutes. It is suggested that you lie down and wait for a while, to loosen the material in the colon, massaging in an anti-clockwise direction to help the liquid flow. Soon, the time for relief had arrived. I was wearing a economy diaper, but I really wish I was wearing a premium one.

This is where two mistakes on my part kicked in. One was that I shouldn’t have used a diaper with weak tapes. Two – and I should have foreseen this –  this being my nighttime diaper, it was near capacity. As the semi-liquid kept coming, the diaper could not take the strain and THREE out of four tapes detached from the backing. Panicking, I put on an underwear to hold the thing together and rushed to the bathroom. But 500ml was quite a lot, and as I figured that it was mostly liquid, might as well let it flow in the shower.

But the real surprise came when I opened up the diaper. I didn’t feel the need to bo #2 before the enema, but I saw what clearly could have been three days worth of poop floating in the diaper. Clearly, my colon was holding it it in very well. Best part was that there was no headache, or other side-effect. Worst part was the clean-up.

Anyway, if you haven’t been paying attention, here are my takeaways for using a bucket enema while diapered.

  1. Choose a diaper with high capacity.
  2. Use a fresh diaper, for maximum and fast absorption.
  3. The said diaper must have very good tapes. The Tena Slip Super kinda fits the job role, but for it’s capacity is still not on par.
  4. If you have rubber pants, put them on. There is a high chance the diaper will leak.
  5. If you don’t, when it is time to release, go to the bathroom and get into the shower.
  6. Bag up the used diaper in a plastic bag before throwing, or the liquid will drip all over.

I hope this article provided some insight into enemas and diapers, and if there are any questions, feel free to ask, and I will try my best to answer them.

– Selv

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