The Urge To Wear

Sometimes I wish I could wear my diapers when I’m in the library by myself, studying.

I’m that sort of person who wouldn’t study much at home/hostel. I lack that discipline to ignore the bed and TV, so I drag myself out to school, to the cavernous library that is as cold as if it were sited on a mountaintop (It is actually the highest point in NTU). I usually camp out in the library after my last lesson ends. Guess that’s what single students do…

Cold air-conditioners mean low humidity, which means that one gets thirsty quite often. That means one drinks a fair amount of water, which needs to be flushed away. I guess toilet-breaks are a way for me to stand up and stretch after hours of staring at the computer, or solving mechanics problems. In some sense, a diaper would be useful, but as noted previously, it draws attention away from work.

The real urge to grab a diaper comes late at night after leaving the library, as I return to my Hall. That is when the urge to poop kicks in, and you are left to face the communal toilet. Alas, my roommate is there, clicking away at his computer game, not attending any classes, just subsisting on games. If not for him, many a night I would be spending padded.

I guess that’s how life is meant to be – if you wear diapers every day, then you won’t get that ‘umph’ you get if you wear just once a week.

– Selv


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