Egregious Intent

Somehow, my second semester of university has been much more stressful than the first. I have shrunk away from photography, as well as the ABDL scene. My pesky roommate also prevents me from wearing diapers since he doesn’t go home during the weekends.

But I did manage to have some me-time during my recess week. I went on my short Diapered Escapede to Malaysia. I’ll post about it when I’ve got the time but for now, that shall wait.

A serious altercation took place on a local diaper forum last month. It showcased the harshest dangers of online chats and forums – guys stalking girls using their photos, people stealing another’s username and using it to spew malicious intent, pursued harassment, and the use of language and concepts that are not appropriate for minors.

I do not wish to speculate on who was the cause, and what their erstwhile intention was. Because the reality is that on the internet, anyone could have done it. It could have been caused by a disgruntled member. It could have been caused by an outsider who wanted to sow discord in the already-fragile community. The moderator has lodged a police report against the perpetrator, but that brings little comfort to the victims.

What went wrong was the use of the cbox – a widget that allows virtually anyone to chat without the need for registration on the main forum. You don’t even need to supply an email address, just pick a username and verbose away! The idea was to encourage all people to talk or to leave a quick message.

Unfortunately, due to the lack of identity verification, some people felt that they could post in complete anonymity, just about anything that lands on the tip of their tongues. Alas, there aren’t comparable alternatives to the ease of chatting that the cbox provides.

I personally feel very upset that this incident took place. For one thing, it is going to scare people away from the forum. For another, it is going to prevent the more reserved members of the community from participating in local diaper forums and chatrooms. Also, to anyone reads that particular page now, they are going to think that ABDLs are sexual predators – which we are not. This tiny local community will take a long time to rebuild the confidence to engage other fellow local ABDLs.

As internet users, we must be responsible individuals. But just because we are responsible doesn’t mean that we will automatically be safeguarded. That is like thinking that the lion would not eat you, just because you did not want to eat it. That said, no-one willingly chooses to be a victim, and as a community, we should be willing to stand by them, and report the perpetrators as soon as hate surfaces.

– Selv


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