Airy Bottom Half

When my first former roommate withdrew from our shared hostel room, I started feeling an air of loneliness. But it also gave me the unprecedented privacy to wear my diapers 24/7, before school started. Even after school started I had the opportunity to wear my diapers to sleep at night and use them well in the morning before taking them off to go for my classes.

When my current room-mate moved in, that privacy vanished completely. I’ll elaborate the complicated reason in the next post, but you’ll have to take it from me that he was in the room practically 24/7. That put a real bummer on things.

Coincidentally, there is a religious festival coming up this sunday. To have a ‘clean mind’ I was going to stop wearing diapers for three days before and after. No Tumblr. No ADISC. The new room-mate made me extend my stint by one day. Mind you, I was not expecting to see him in my room midweek, 2 weeks into the semester and I had seconds to prepare myself.

On a separate note, is the fourth day since I last wore a diaper. It has been a very weird feeling, sleeping at nights without padding. And there is the fact that I have to share the communal toilets with others. It is lucky that I don’t have ‘withdrawal symptoms’, having gone through much worse stoppages. But I still do feel nervous about doing my thing in the mornings. In any case, my schedule is jam-paced so thankfully, I’m able to get over it very quickly in the mornings thus far.

– Selv


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