My Recent Diapered Escapede

It’s been several weeks since I tok this short break, and since I’ve mentioned it in my previous posts, I thought I’d write a little about it.

I decided to take a short drive up to Melaka in nearby Malaysia, to see how the driving conditions were. As a Singaporean, I’ve heard many horror stories about fabulous things happening to Singaporeans and their cars. Thankfully, none of that happened.

I rented a Honda Fit for a day, and booked a room through Agoda. I carefully scanned through the reviews, and selected a hotel that was within budget, yet seemed pretty safe. Topped up fuel on the Singapore side, like the good law abiding citizen that I was, and pumped up the tyre pressure to the recommended levels. I dropped by at Vivocity to get my diapers and some supplies, ate mu lunch, and was off.

I decided to take the Tuas Second Link. The Causeway is usually jam-packed, and online advice stressed that it was easier for first-timers to use the former (I’ll explain in a bit). The Second Link was quite smooth, and pretty soon, I was driving towards the Malaysian Customs. As soon as I was on the Malaysian side, the cars around me suddenly upped their speeds, leaving me behind.

Cleared the Malaysian customs, and within 2 minutes I was at the toll-booth. Now I needed to buy the toll-card, called the Touch-n-go (TnG) card. It was a simple matter of driving to the left-most counter. Unlike at the causeway where you pay the toll at the immigration counter, where you’d have to disembark and walk through the complex complex (pun there) to find the correct toll-booth.

Anyway I was off, hitting the E3 Second Link Highway which linked the customs to the region’s most famous road – the E1 North-South Highway. And pretty soon, I found myself being a road hogger. For the stated speed limit was a generous 110km/h, and as a first-timer, I was sticking to it. But pretty soon, I learnt to ignore it.

Irritatingly, the GPS unit that I had borrowed wanted me to turn off the straight and smooth North-South Highway. Deciding to err on the side of navigational safety, I followed it and it led me to the Lebuh AMJ highway. It was a rural road that ran through Muar, before heading towards Melaka. Soon, it started to drizzle, then it poured.

I stopped at Muar for a quick petrol fill-up, and quickly found myself stammering with the lack of basic Malay words. So I just typed out the amounts and the thankfully the young chap understood what I meant. Soon I was off. All I had was the arrival time shown on the GPS, but my watch was  in my bag and I had no clue what time it was.

I just drove on and on through the rain, past the scenic Sime Darby palm oil plantations. I kept thinking about the haze as I saw acres upon acres of these trees. But soon, I was reaching my hotel, and gingerly, I parked in front of the hotel that I was given.

I had reached Melaka in 3 hours 40 minutes, which was pretty decent. Changed my diaper and left my room to go eat at a nearby mall, the Dataran Pahlawan Megamall. It was surprisingly. But with my diaper hugging my bottom, I wasn’t complaining.

I returned to my room, satisfied that the car was safe. I sat down and wrote that post, and also decided to write a Fleet Enema review.

– Selv


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