Starting School Soon

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Not been doing much. Classes start next week and I’ve been lazing around like a sleepy puppy. Cleaned out my room and rearranged my furniture, so there’s a lot of space for my cousins to gather now.

One thing that’s been happening recently is that if I need to go #2, and I put on my diaper for the night, I end up pooping within 15 minutes. No matter how much I wish to hold back, my body just makes me release it. It does not matter what time of the day it is, 8pm or 11pm, but it happened all 3 times the past week or so.

I kinda realise that once school starts and my new roommate comes in, I can’t wear my diapers as and when I want. That means that I can’t wear my diapers when I need to go to toilet. He is arriving very soon, perhaps even tomorrow, and I know it’s too much to wish that he’s an ABDL. Statistically it will not happen. That would be another reason for me to dread school starting.

I’d been thinking, whether it is worth just telling this roommate that I like wearing diapers and stuff. But I realise that this being a conservative society, he may have a very bad impression of me. Furthermore, I don’t know what his character is like, and whether he may take a picture and post it online, onto NTU Confessions or other portals. Whatever kind of person he is, there is always the chance that he could blabber it to fellow hall-mates. So I guess I can’t take that risk.

– Selv


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