To ship or not to ship

I really really want to get my hands on some Bambinos and the plastic-backed Tena Slips. And I know that is one of the best places to get them. They do free shipping within the continental US, but not for overseas deliveries.

There is a way to circumvent it, and that is to use vPost or Comgateway to ship them over. And here is where the catch is: it is expensive. And I don’t have discount codes. I got the dimensions from Bambino and did some calculations. And if I were to ship using vPost, this would be the total cost of the diapers and the postal forwarding:

  • Bambino Bellissimo   – Tot: $105.88 ($6.62/pc)
  • Tena Slip Maxi               – Tot: $114.66 ($4.78/pc)
  • Molicare Super Plus   – Tot: $155.34 ($5.55/pc)

The most expensive diaper in Singapore that I’ve come across would be the Abena M4 at $1.93/pc. The Tena Slip Maxi (cloth-backed) comes close at $1.75/pc. So that’s 5 cloth backed TSMs to 2 plastic-backed ones.

My finances are tight. Student-level tight. Guess that if I really want to try these diapers, I’d have to visit the US first.

– Selv


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