Back to holidays!

The exams ended about a week ago and I have cleared my hostel desk. But I have not been been free for most of the week that has elapsed.

Thursday I was pulled to my mum’s workplace to help clear her things. Friday we rushed over to Malaysia to visit my great granduncle, who has taken ill. Saturday I attended a friend’s wedding, and another friend’s 21st birthday celebration.

Sunday was a ‘rest day’, for my mother and grandma that is. I spent the day at their whims, cleaning the house. And Monday I was whisked off to my dad’s workplace, to help with his tasks.

It was weird, seeing my friend getting married. We had played as kids, now she is grown up and all dressed up and married. Guess I’ll be seeing many more of these in the coming years.

I tried getting my hands on a package of Tena Slip Maxis, but they are very hard to find outside of hospital pharmacies. Made do with a Slip Super. Had I gotten my hands on a package, I would have started with a diaper review. But that will have to wait, possibly till next year.

I’m blogging on-location from my second diapered escapade, which I will write about this Saturday.

– Selv


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