Deepavali Post

Firstly, I’d like to wish my Hindu readers a very Happy Deepavali. Also known as Diwali, it is a public holiday here. Do enjoy the holiday, even if you aren’t celebrating.

I’d thought of bringing up a special topic. There was a Bollywood movie that had a reference to bedwetting. Chennai Express smashed records at the box office when it ran in 2013. It stars the king of Bollywood, Shah Rukh Khan, as well as Deepika Padukone, who was named India’s sexiest woman in 2014.

In this particular scene, Khan has saved Padukone from an arranged marriage. They then seek refuge in a village, and ironically pose as an eloped couple. When it is time to sleep, Padukone has prepared a separate bedding for Khan. She admits that she has a ‘childhood problem’. This is where Khan taunts her, laughing that she ‘can’t control herself’.

Not amused, Padokone reluctantly allows him to sleep beside her on the bed. But in the middle of the night, Khan wakes up to Padukone’s sleep-talking. He then gets a hard kick from her. Padukone wakes up and admits that she has a sleep disorder. This was the ‘control’ that Padukone was referring to, but it is only clear now to Khan that this was what she meant.

I’m somewhat proud of this scene. Bedwetting and diapers aren’t ever discussed in India, where this film was made. So to see it mentioned on screen, by the two biggest stars in the film industry is quite a thing.

It’s a comedy scene that got many laughs in the theatre. Unfortunately, I could not get the scene in its entirety. We miss the crucial conversation. Here, we see what happens in the middle of the night. There aren’t any subtitles either. But taken at face value, and with the few english words spoken, it is still a funny scene.

Happy holidays!

– Selv


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