Wearing Diapers To Class

To start off, I would not advocate doing this if you can avoid it.

I picked a day where I had just 1 lecture, in the afternoon. My day started off pretty normally. I left my room early and headed to the main library to do some work. One issue I had was extricating my diapers. I didn’t have a chance to do it the night before, and I was *almost* caught in the morning by my pesky roommate, who was pretending to be asleep but wasn’t.

Anyway, the diaper came online around lunchtime. Once I had eaten my lunch, I set off to a secluded toilet not far off from my lecture venue. Except, it was toilet cleaning time. My carefully calibrated timing was in jeopardy. Deciding to go in a little late, I decided to climb one floor. Thankfully, no one was in that toilet. I locked myself into a cubicle and started to put on my diaper.

My chosen diaper for the day was the Tena Slip Super. It was cloth-backed, hence essentially noiseless, and it held vast volumes. I quickly put it on, and headed for my lecture. I realised that my shirt did not stretch down to cover the bottom part of my butt, but it was sufficiently covered. Thankfully, there was no unusual bulge.

I decided to sit apart from my two friends. And I sat at that spot for the entire 3 hour lecture. For some reason, I didn’t need to pee. But I wasn’t complaining.

After the lecture, I returned to the library. And there I was, from about 5pm all the way till eleven. I was there, doing my work at my pace. But no one suspected anything unusual. They probably didn’t notice that I hardly got up, except to eat dinner. But the PRC students whom I was surrounded by were plugged into their music and hardly batted an eye when a hot student walked past.

Anyway, the time had come for me to leave. It was late and I decided to walk to my hall. Luckily, my roommate was preoccupied with his FIFA online game, and I was able to retrieve my shower things without much ado.

Went into the common bathroom shower cubicle, stripped. And my stomach rumbles. I start going, and pretty soon, it is time for me to take off the diaper. A full 10 hours had passed and I must add, kudos to Tena for making a worthy product that belt 3 bladderfulls for that long.

I realise that it is not impossible to wear in school. But I don’t think it is sustainable. For one, I was very conscious that people were looking at my butt. My schoolbag did cover my butt, but I was worried that with more pee, the greater the possibility of bulges. For another, I was scared that my pee would start to smell. And while the diaper didn’t swell up significantly, there still was some noticeable swelling, which was a little uncomfortable for my man parts.

The biggest issue was that I spent zero minutes with my friends that day. I was too scared that they would notice. This will be the one thing that will prevent me from repeating this experiment in the near future. Unless I find a friend who is willing to try it out too. I also did not change my diaper that day, and there is a host of problems that may erupt if something goes wrong.

In summary, this was an eye-opening experiment. I now understand a tiny bit of the fears and insecurities that incontinent people experience. It is really difficult for them to manage it, all by themselves.

It is not worth the hassle to do it again.

– Selv


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