Been really sick the past week. I caught a (un)common cold, and the highlight was a high fever of 38.6deg C. 

Really, dragging my sickly self from my hall of residence to the campus medical centre at the top of Nanyang Hill was no mean feat. The amount of walking was really unfair, but I digress.

I really wanted to wear my diaper as I lay in bed. I had to drag myself to the toilet several times. But it wouldn’t have been wise to do so with the Tena Values that I have at the moment. The heat would have made my fever-induced insomnia even worse. And besides, my roommates would have figured it out instantly. 

That flu-fever episode has really altered my plans. It robbed me of 3 days of study time, made me miss three classes, miss a photography workshop, miss my motorcycling class, and made me ineligible to donate blood for an ongoing donation drive that I’d been looking forward to. Really upset, but I guess there’s some message that is trying to be delivered from above. 

Till the next post!

– Selv


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