The short answer is…

This whole diaper journey does make me question myself. Why do I continue wearing? The short answer is that I don’t know, and the long answer, summarised, is that it’s a security blanket that can potentially harm me.

How can a diaper harm a user, you might ask. You see, for an incontinent, the diaper simply catches whatever flows out. But when a person forces themselves to ‘hold it it’ until they are wearing a diaper, it can have subtle effects. This is more applicable for pooping, and I’ll share a little story.

When I first enlisted in the army, I had a big change in not just mealtimes and energy output, but also toilet timings. Nothing unusual here, except that I no longer pooped at midnight, I pooped early in the morning. While my toilet habits were probably just a small contributing factor, it did play a part in me getting lightheaded every other morning. The worst was when I collapsed out of the blue one morning. True, it was the other 2 big-ticket items that were the likely cause, but the third definitely played its part.

I’m pretty sure that non-incontinent folk who wear 24/7 wouldn’t just void wherever they stood. They would probably wait till they are alone before they proceeded. They don’t need a diaper; they want it. Be it for security reasons, be it for fantasy, they don’t need it to live, they need it to keep emotionally stable.

As a diaper lover, my biggest question is, will my future wife accept me for who I am? Also, would she be willing to wear? Given that I’m having problems hitching up with girls of my race, who by the way ARE THE PICKIEST OF ALL CREATION, the prospects are worrying. My fantasies would be an eyesore for you readers, but I would want at least some of them to materialise.

I believe in love. I wish that the universe would not let me down. I wish that I would not disappoint a girl just because I wear diapers on occasion.

– Selv


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