The Recipe For Sleep Deprivation

My sister is going off to study in Australia. All of us had hoped that it wouldn’t have to ┬ácome to this, but I guess, if your will to achieve is there, nothing will stop you.

But is going to be a silent period. I’ll only be back once a week. My second sister will finally have the whole room to herself, but that is little comfort for her.

I guess that I’ll miss their company quite a bit, but I am ‘lucky’ in the sense that there’s Uni to concentrate on. My younger sis on the other hand, would have to contend with lonely nights and awkward dinners, and much more chores. There’s still the phone and Skype, but that the three of us will be apart from each other for quite a bit is a little unsettling.

University life is not easy as easy as I had thought. The very first major hurdle is the timetable. NTU students have to go online and use this complex programme to build their timetables. Sometimes, you’d be placed on a wait list for very popular programmes. The whole experience is nerve-wracking, especially when thousands of people overload the server near the opening and closing times each day. Thank goodness that I was able to finish my timetabling by the end of the first week.

Only then does it dawn onto you of the scale of work that needs to be done. I really feel that I am sitting for the A levels again this November, with the easy components removed and new subjects added. Add CCA and you have a recipe for sleep deprivation.

Wish us students the stamina to pull through.

– Selv


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