Emergency Stop

I was walking around Changi City point last week. There, I saw a young boy no older than 3 walking beside his father. Suddenly he stopped dead in his tracks and knelt down, his face concentrated. His father tried to pick him up but he refused to move. Then all of a sudden, he stood up on his own and the father picked him up and carried him of. He sported an ‘angry’ tone as he playfully slapped his son’s bottom, chiding him that “the toilet is only there!”. He went into the toilet, presumably to change him.

Ah, anecdotes from life.

Just imagine if adults wore diapers. One may be out with their friends roaming Tampines Mall when someone suddenly stops dead in their tracks, bending over. Try as the others might, they can’t snap the person out of their concentrated state. Then, just as suddenly, the person stands upright and starts walking. As the friends start to tease him/her about their ‘incident’, the embarrassed person walks into the nearby toilets.

Now that would be a talking point, though in such a world it would be quite common.

– Selv


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