Not So Large Numbers

Again, I’m not referring to the scale of what is happening up north of our shores… I had chanced across this video some time back. Two of the ten listed would be of interest of us, namely the Furries and of course, Adult Babies. Alltime10s has a knack for summarising what exactly is a phenomenon all about, while surprising the viewer with more facts. This trend continues especially where they explain about the Furries.

While ADISC taught me who they were, I didn’t know that D isney had an unexpected role in it. Then of course, there are the Adult Babies. While they do mention that ABs like to “cry, wear diapers, and sleep in cribs”, they didn’t mention anything about DLs as a related-group. They also failed to mention that we have nothing to do with real children, which could be on people’s minds if they take this at face-value because they have a visual of a mother putting her toddler in a crib. They also mentioned an astonishing figure: 500,000 people in the US and UK (Read: 1.3 in 100 people*) are into this.

That’s an astonishingly high number for a secretive community. That is a generous estimate. I wouldn’t agree entirely with the Adult Baby segment, but it is an eye-opener. I’m surprised that they isn’t cover foot-fetishes, which is supposed to be the most common fetish. Guess it isn’t as ‘weird’ as those on the list.

10 Weirdest Sexual Fetishes

– Selv (*Based on a combined US and UK population of 384.3 million. But if you remove children below 15 years of age, based on a population of 299.6 million, that number rises to 1.7 in 100 people. Fat hope, I hear you say. But it makes Singapore look like a desert by comparison.)


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