Finding A Solution

Let’s see, what has been making the news… Don’t want to get my hands greesy, don’t want to speculate on 3 billion ringgit. I’ll leave fellow bloggers alone.

But I did come across this gut-wrenching story of a teenager who was afraid of the toilet and thus had not pooped for 2 months. In a nutshell, she had refused to seek medical treatment and thus, the growing mass started to compress her lungs and suffocated her. The article tries not to be graphic, but it is.

This death could have been prevented. A defiant child is one thing, but the parent’s action could have saved her. It is noted that the mother ‘battled with her daughter to be medically examined’, so where was the father and/or siblings pressure? It is a very sad thing. It is a very potent reminder not to let your fear rule your life. Socks not fitting? Wear slippers. Toilet not clean? Poop in your underwear, or wear a diaper for us ABDLs.

Importantly, talk it out to a close confidant. Your mum, your brother, your girlfriend, your bestie. Whatever your problem, you can find a solution.

Please take care. Dying because you are afraid to take a poop is not a nice idea. Talk it out. It will help you find a solution.

Teenage Girl Dies Of Heart Attack After Not Going To The Toilet For Eight Weeks

– Selv


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