Backpacking In Australia

It was a surreal experience, where there were no parents, aunts or cousins ordering you around. But that was just one of the freedoms several of travelling alone. You alone decide what time to wake up, what to eat, how much to spend etc.

The preparation was a little mundane. Booked trips and hostels online, for assurance. I had most of my travelling stuff, my only purchase was a bigger backpack and some heat-packs. Prepared my camera equipment, cleared out my room, exhausted my diaper stash (including throwing away 3 mis-fitting Tena Slips), and stuffed everything that I needed into that small backpack.

Australia is really a beautiful country with really warm people and good amenities. It is no wonder that many people are choosing to immigrate to Australia. My friends included. It was quite an experience as not only did I meet Australians, I also got to meet people from around the world, such as Ireland, UK, Pakistan etc. No media to taint my perception. I met real people.

I began my trip in Melbourne. I was hoping to attend a Little’s Munch, but found out that the meeting had been inactive for a while. Of course, staying in backpacker’s hostels meant that I couldn’t wear diapers (unless I tried too hard, which would have spoilt my trip). But that was another freedom in itself.

But I did plan for a diapered evening, which would have served as my evening for rest in my hectic schedule. It was on the first day up in the Blue Mountains. Till then, I had carried a single diaper with me throughout my trip, having exhausted my stash at home. I took a quaint hotel up in Mount Victoria, a hotel in which Kings George V and VI stayed in when they visited Australia as princes.

I had intended not to leave my hotel room after checking in. But I wanted to go see the sunset. So I grabbed my camera and took a train down to the next town, Blackheath, to visit the stunning Govett’s Leap lookout. The trek down for the sunset was definitely worth it! But I had forgotten that that day was a sunday, and I ended up missing the last bus! A resident helped me by giving me the taxi company’s number, and I went back to the hotel. It was then that I remembered that after sunset, all the shops close. With no other choice, I took a train down to a major town to get dinner.

So it was almost 9pm by the time I had returned to my hotel. Gingerely, I put on my diaper. It was a Tena Slip Super, cloth-backed, and perfect for the occasion. The 4deg C cold was unbearable so I quickly pulled on my grey thermal lining and normal clothes. There, I lay on my bed watching some Youtube videos till my data allowance for the day was exhausted. But as I turned off the light and rolled over, the sensation that had been haunting me all day suddenly increased greatly. And so, I messed in my diaper. I had been intending to hold it till morning, but wearing a diaper didn’t help in my resolve. Sleepiness overtook me at once.

I only changed out the next morning, but I took some photos.



The shadows make my legs look big.. ahem.. Changed out and had a shower, before going down for breakfast.

I realise that most ‘ordinary’ pharmacies don’t carry adult diapers. Only some of the bigger stores carry them, but I didn’t dare step inside, just peeked in while standing outside and I saw a very small selection. Supermarkets like Coles and Woolworths don’t carry adult diapers. The biggest they do would be Goodnites. I guess I can’t speak for the whole of Australia, but this was what I observed in Melbourne and Sydney. Then again, I guess that you’d have to go to then right place, and except for my above mentioned diaper-time, I was strictly an ‘ordinary’ tourist.

I certainly like travelling. Would I do it again? Definitely. Would I wear diapers fully on future trips? Maybe, if the future girlfriend/wife agrees. But I’ll definitely continue to travel and meet new people.

– Selv


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