There’s a lot being said on social media about the Gay marriage ruling in the USA. Even WordPress seems to be celebrating. Though I’m neutral on this issue, I think it is worth mentioning. To those in the US who are impacted, congratulations. Go ahead with your plans, but do be mindful of the feelings of those around you.

Of course, with all the talk of Gay Pride, the issue of ABDL Pride is also being discussed. As an ABDL, I would really appreciate if people around me were accepting of my wishes. But I feel that at this point, it is not acceptable. I feel that the tsunami of emotions that would engulf one’s family would wreak havoc. Friends, unlike families, would judge the ABDL, and ostracise him or her. So it would be much better for the ABDL to keep it to himself/herself and their significant other only.

Again, I’m living in a conservative Asian society where we are expected to conform and lead exemplary lives. The situation may be different in other Western communities, hence it may be fertile for an ABDL there to ‘come out’. Whatever the case, he or she must carefully weigh the pros and cons of coming out.

Are you prepared to live up to the stigma that society has of ABDLs? If not, keep to yourself. If so, please don’t do anything to tarnish the community. That is all that the rest of us ask of you.

My backpacking trip was good, will write about it in the next post as I need to dig out the pictures.

– Selv


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