Been Lying Low

The news of the 6 kids, teacher and guide who died in the Sabah earthquake was very saddening. My heart goes out to their families.

As I’d mentioned in the last post, I had been sick for the past week. A bout of sore-throat all but killed my desire to be happy, and coupled with other things that happened, I just whiled away my time. But I better now, and I can happily proclaim that I am going to resume wearing my diapers at nighttime!

Alas, the very first diaper of the season was abruptly removed when I realised that I overslept. The second diaper was a little more well-used, but I had to remove it stealthily as well since my folks and I had to get up early today. But tonight promises to be a better night!

I’ll be starting on the diaper review, hopefully I can get it up by this weekend. You’ll also get to hear about by Drive-pered Escapede.

Aaand… that’s a wrap!

– Selv


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