Looking For A Decent Paying Part-Time Job

Let’s delay part 2. I’ve got a rant and a sighting to let off my chest.

I do have my current job as an admin assistant, but I feel that I am too free during the weekends. And as I’ve started to save up for my university education, as well as a pair of wheels, I figured that I could use the extra money.

I’ve considered tuition. This plan has backfired spectacularly as there are too many teachers out there and too little students. A little search suggests that the teacher to student ratio is a miserable 4:1! So, I have to KIV personal tuition.

So I decided to send out mail to tuition centres. My luck was terrible, not a single centre replied. I have given up this avenue.

The next interesting option that I tried is for freelance cleaning. So far I have received just one offer, but it is way below the market rate. I am holding back on this offer, but my choices are very limited on this matter.

Finally, there is freelance writing. Admittedly I haven’t pushed aggressively for freelance writing assignments as I have been focusing on getting tuition assignments. But I have had no luck at all. In fact, the freelance market is just as tight as the tuition market, and the demands are probably greater. So, I have to KIV this option.

My book is not due yet. I’m trying to get someone who can create covers for me, but this is proving harder than I thought. So there is a little money there that is unable to be processed. Just a little. Sigh…

Any suggestions?

I took a train to the west-side of Singapore yesterday, 20th April as I was attending a course. I was standing, absent-mindedly staring at my phone, at a pretty girl, back at my phone, then back to the pretty girl. She was looking at me too, so I didn’t feel too guilty. At one point, she got up from her seat to exit the train. Then, I saw it. Her butt bore the unmistakeable outline of a diaper concealed by not-so-loose dark blue pants!

I was shocked! Could this be it? Had just seen one of the girls on the SG ABDL forum? Alas, I could not be 100% sure that it was really a diaper(or pull-up); she had left the train. I thought long and hard if I should trust my eyes, or just concede that my mind playing tricks on me.

I guess that I have to factor in human error and have to choose the latter.

– Selv


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