Grocery Shopping

A week ago, I was out grocery shopping at the nearby (New-Town) centre. I had bought my stuff and was on my way home when I bumped into an old neighbour, who had moved into her son’s house a few years ago.

We exchanged the usual formalities (How are you, how’s your health; Look at you, how you have grown). We talked for a bit. I asked her about her husband. And she said something unexpected. She said, and I translate, “My husband is bedridden, he needs to wear Pampers. Look here”, she said. And she showed me what she was carrying in her plastic bags – 2 bags of adult diapers. I hadn’t noticed them, and I stood there, a little unsure of how to react. We parted ways and I carried on home.

That little encounter made me think. The vast majority of people who use diapers fall into the category of the elderly – those highly dependant on others. I had seen my grandmother go through this too. It was a very sad moment, as I saw an old woman lamenting about the poor state of her husband’s health. I wanted to say something to comfort her. I also wanted to tell her that the diapers that she had bought were of poor quality, but that would have been a PR disaster.

I guess this was a reminder for me, a reminder that what I do as a DL is not the most socially acceptable thing.

I did not wear my weekly saturday diaper that week.

– Selv


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