It has been some time since I’ve published a post. I have written several drafts, but I didn’t publish them because they seem incomplete. Nevertheless, I do have 2 things on this site. I’ve done a Diaper Review on the Tena Value Diaper. It was the very first diaper that I bought with my own money, back in 2008, so I guess I took my own sweet time to write this piece.

The other thing that I’ve done is to string a collection of my Tumblr Reblogs. When I Reblogged someone else’s photo, sometimes I write a short story to my liking. Of course I do credit the original poster, but I was thinking why not string together these posts onto a single page? I will try to get them embedded onto the page, but for now you’d have to click the link and go to Tumblr itself to view the post. No worries, an account is not needed to view these posts.

I’ve realised that I’d be spending less and less time in plastic-backed diapers from now on. We all know how much heat plastic-backed diapers trap, and this hot and humid country isn’t helping either. I used to turn on the air-conditioning to keep things bearable, curling up in bed in my pyjamas on saturday nights. But now that I keep pets in my room, I can’t switch on the air-conditioner any more. It would be too cold for them. So, more Tena Slip Supers! (And maybe it’s time to try new cloth-backed ones?)



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