Happy New Year

Hi guys,

I haven’t got much today, just wanted to drop a note saying that I’m still around.

2014 was a somewhat good year for my DL life, it was the only year apart from 2009 in which I didn’t get caught wearing diapers by my parents. Hope this trend sticks.

It was also the year in which my writing came out in full force. I had been writing ABDL stories ever since I was in secondary school, though I didn’t know what the genre was back then. But 2014 was the year in which I started a blog. My thoughts finally had a place of their own and while my presence over at ADISC continues to increase, I feel that being able to operate without restrictions has let me speak out on topics which are important to me. Especially Singapore-related topics.

My Serious Reflection series will continue, and this time I plan to have at the very least one a month. I’ll try my best to stick to the posting schedule with posts up my Saturday, 11.30pm latest, and I’ll try, but no promises for Tuesday posts. Trivia: according to WordPress Stats, the most read post was ‘How to Keep A Child In Diapers Part 2’.

On a side note, Chapter 7 of You Didn’t See Anything, Charissa is now available to read in the ADISC Stories section.

In real life, I’ve gotten a little busier now. I’ve gotten a 9-5 temporary job with a comfortable pay, at least till Uni starts. I’m getting new pet mice next week. And not to mention getting fit and studying at the same time.

Inevitably in 2015 I’d spend less time diapered, but I will still devote a chunk of my free time to ABDL writing.

Wish you guys a very Happy New Year



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