As One Chapter Comes To An End, Another Begins

Today marks my first day as a civilian in 2 years. Yes, I have completed my mandatory stint in the military at long last. I’ll leave the emotional ramblings to my real-life social media(sorry I can’t let you guys see that), here I will discuss something else. I refer to the military here as i served in the Army, but this would apply to the conscript policemen and civil defencemen too.

Wearing diapers, even periodically, greatly affects one’s ability to serve. Be it as a regular, or in a conscript service, wearing diapers has its effect. I have discussed this in previous posts, but I wish to bring this up again today.

Firstly, you cannot wear diapers in your military barracks or bunks. People will scorn you, commanders may think you have serious (psychological) medical problems, fellow soldiers/policemen would shun you as an oddball etc. Not to mention physical difficulties, such as chafing during intense combat training, lack of time and hygiene to change and the lack of storage space for diapers. Smell would be a big problem, mostly for those around you. I have worn a diaper in camp, but this was attempted on a night where there was almost no one else in the bunk, so it is best to NOT attempt it if the coast isn’t clear. I don’t advocate wearing diapers in camp, or during training. Unless you are an incontinent with a valid reason to do so.

Secondly, keeping diapers at home would be an issue always at the back of your mind. Most conscript servicemen would be allowed to go home for the weekend. So that is the likely time that people would wear. Go ahead, nothing is stopping you here. But there are a few things to consider, especially if your folks don’t know about your diapers. There will always be the fear that they would accidentally discover your stash. You amy not have cleared your computer’s browser history and they might go snooping around. You may have ‘odours’ left behind in your room, and that could trigger an internet audit of your accounts. Even mindlessly leaving a receipt of purchase for your diaper-stuff may result in a full-fledged war to ‘purge’ you. Things happen, especially if you let your guard down.

Then there is the actual usage of diapers. If you use diapers for two days e.g. at night, then your body would have to adjust back to using the toilet when you go back to camp. For those into messing, there is also the chance you might ‘hold’ in your ‘garbage’, waiting until you could use a diaper. The longer the ‘holding’ period, the higher the potential damage it poses to your body. And if you go 24/7 for even two days, one might run the risk of having an ‘accident’.

One thing that most people could never do without is their handphone. Even if your phone doesn’t have a camera, chances are that it has access to the internet (through wi-fi, 3G etc). And chances are very high that you might access diaper-related websites, or view ABDL social media on that phone, sometimes even downloading pictures for later viewing. Or even keep a picture of your own diapered escapades. If your friends grab a hold of your phone, and they come across these content, their view on you could change completely. That’s because ABDLism isn’t a widely accepted kink as, say, BDSM. So there is that worry.

You could say that I had quite a bit at the back of my mind during my army days. To my fellow Singaporean boys who are embarking their NS journey, my advice to you is to keep your ABDLedness and diapers to a bare minimum. You can’t ignore these urges completely, but you can mitigate them. And don’t wear diapers to training. Period.

Now, to prepare for university.

ORD loh!


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