An Unusual Sight

Some of you may remember that I was due to finish a novel by the end of November. Sadly, I don’t think I could finish it by then. Stuff just kept popping up. I’ve also fixed the broken link to my story at ABDLStoryForum.

Today I was at NTUC Simei Buying some groceries. I was at the cashier, paying for my stuff when the next customer queued up behind me. She was a Chinese lady in her mid-thirtees. I noticed that all she had was a pack of Mamy Poko size XXL diapers, as well as some wipes.

Her young daughter was there too. She couldn’t have been older than six, and was bespectacled, wearing a white blouse and yellow shorts. As far as I could tell, she was a healthy Singaporean girl.

I observed the little girl for a bit. She was acting shy and embarrassed, and was trying to hide behind the mother. Alas, I didn’t get to see if her bottom was padded.

It made me wonder – could these have really been for her? Why did her mother bring her daughter down to the supermarket at three in the afternoon, just to buy some diapers that were her size? Could it have been that she had just started bedwetting, and that these were for her, for naps and nighttime? Or could it be that she still pooped only in diapers, and her supply had run out, therefore mother and daughter had to rush down to buy them at that hour?

I wish I knew the true story. But sadly, I don’t.





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