On The Spur Of The Moment

Sometimes, things just happen on the spur of the moment, and you are forced to react accordingly.

I was back at home for a very long weekend, and I decided to indulge with some diapers. Anyway, last night I put on a diaper at around 10pm, and continued with my post-dinner stuff (writing the next chapter of my story, surfing the web etc).

I went to sleep at around 12, but I need to pee. I had already peed a little earlier, but I needed to pee more, so I stood up to do so. And I started to FLOOD! That was a bad thing, for the Tena Value that I was wearing had a large capacity, but it can’t withstand floorings! And so, there was a dribble of pee running down.

Mortified, I pulled off my shorts and set about cleaning off the small rivulet. It was little, but the damage was already done. But I decided that I should stay in the diaper, for the Tena could certainly hold much more. I examined my diaper and decided to take the chance. Cautiously, I crawled under the covers and went back to sleep.

Morning came soon enough. I had earlier planned to wake up before 6 to throw away my diaper. My cruel alarm rang right on cue at 6, but what did I do? I hit the snooze. And, as if my alarm clock was punishing me, the snooze didn’t work! And by the time I had awoken, it was 8 and my family was awake. I had to activate ‘Plan B’, which I didn’t want to.

After much procrastination, I finally got up and sat on my bed. That was when my stomach unexpectedly rumbled. I told myself to hold it, and save it for the next night’s diaper. But the urge was way too strong, and I instinctively knelt down. I knew that it was now, or 5 minutes later in the toilet. And so, I pushed. I later reflected that this is the closest I would get to an ‘accident’, for the massive diarrhea that I encountered came totally out of the blue. It wasn’t even the usual time that I go (it’s in the evening), so that caught me totally off-guard.

I knew that one wrong step, and someone would hear me. All were downstairs eating breakfast. As quiet as I could, I walked to the bathroom. Painstakingly, I peeled off the tapes as silently as I could. The mess was terrible, and it had been some time since I had a stomachache in a diaper, but I still had to get clean right?

My ‘Plan B’ was basically modified from my original diaper disposal method years ago. I sealed my used diaper in an airtight plastic bag, and I hid it under my bed. I later threw it away at night, after everyone was asleep. This plan has it’s flaws, because if someone came within 5 meters of the hidden diaper, the smell would be very obvious. My main diaper disposal method does not involve storage at all, and I usually throw my used diaper away soon after I take it off. This usually happens in the wee hours of the morning. During the weekdays, I have the luxury of sleeping in for a bit, until just before my grandma wakes up s my parents would be off to work early.

Just another snippet of my diapered life. I hardly wear these days, just wish I could wear at least to sleep.

– Selv


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