Outfield Aftermath

All humans like control. All humans like being in control. All humans like being in control of when they need to go to the toilet. (And that is why some people laugh at the incontinent (Please don’t do that)). And I’m no different.

For those of you who have served in combat vocations/roles in the armed forces, you would most likely have spent a few days out in the jungles training to be soldiers. Jungle warfare is tough, demanding and hugely energy-consuming. We are given combat rations for our consumption but these aren’t exactly delicious. Peeing is a business done behind bushes. And as for pooping, well it isn’t the best in these conditions too.

But let’s take a closer look at these combat rations that soldiers are given to eat. During a war, soldiers are given these type of rations as ordinary food might be difficult to obtain. These food would then have to last long and be able to last in all types of environments, be it humid or temperate etc. so lots of preservatives are added to keep the quality and edibility. Also the aroma of the food wouldn’t give away the soldiers positions. These combat rations are carefully researched and prepared such that the body would digest most of it. The by-products of digestion would thus be very little. Also, given that jungle training is tough, a soldier would definitely be de-hydrated and thus most moisture would be sucked out of this bodily by-product. Thus, the need to poop would be greatly stifled for a week or so.

I went out into the jungles of Singapore for a 4day3night military exercise. I ate the combat rations that were issued, and thus I went though the above-mentioned process. I returned to my military barracks on a Thursday night, exhausted. And after our usual post-outfield routines, we were allowed to go back to our bunks to wash up and get some sleep in the early hours of Friday morning.

But I didn’t poop. I didn’t feel the need to poop. Somehow a few people needed to poop despite the chemicals in the combat rations, but I didn’t get that urge. I only felt the urge towards the end of the day. But Friday was book-out day, or go home day. So I held it. For waiting at home for me was a Tena Value Adult Diaper. I knew that the process was going to be long and painful, so what better place than a diaper? In your own time and comfort, in a not-so-bathroomy environment.

To be grotesquely honest, the digested combat rations didn’t want to budge at all. I was able to somewhat enjoy the comfort of my diaper without being bothered by my stomach. I eventually forced it out the next morning. But once the initial plug came out, the mass of mess just kept flowing. Soon, I had to pull my diaper down just to make space for more – it was really a lot. Guess that’s what happens when you don’t poop for 5 days.



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