An absence with valid reason

I haven’t had much on my mind for the past two weeks. My Tena Slip diaper review ground to a halt because I’m too lazy to edit the pictures, even though the text is done. I tried the newly-packaged Tena Value diapers, which was something different. I haven’t been visiting that many diaper related sites during the weekdays as my NS life caught up with me.

But that is because one thing has been constantly bugging me. It is the thought of finishing my novel. I have spent more than a year writing it, and I have about 2 chapters to go. It’s not exactly an ABDL story, but I have used some diaper-themes to write it. I do have grand plans for it, come the start of October. So do check it out, I’ll post more details in due course. This unfortunately means that I have had to remove this story from the ABDL Story Forum. It still runs on ADISC as the story forum there is closed-doors, but I’ll see how it goes. Please support me.

– Selv


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