Is It Possible To Keep A Child In Diapers When He/She Isn’t Incontinent?

Part 1

I am going to take reference from a few ABDL stories which several writers (myself included), have written about.

A girl(or boy), who hasn’t been toilet-trained for passing motion, uses diapers to do her daily business. She is not incontinent, in any way, and is your everyday girl, like any other person her age you’d meet. But is this really possible? Can a child’s parent really allow their child to escape toilet-training beyond a certain age? Is it possible that a normal person living in normal circumstances get away with using diapers, with all their friends and family frowning down on them. And what would be the side-effects of such a situation? It doesn’t have to be a girl, it could also be a boy.

Picture this; an eleven year old girl wakes up in the dead of the night. She is in the middle of her school’s Primary 5 camp, and there are hundreds of girls around her, most in a deep slumber. A terrible, nagging sensation in her butt intensifies, preventing her from concentrating on sleeping, and she decides she can’t take it anymore. As quiet as she could, she opens up her bag and she pulls out a plastic bag. Silently, she remorsefully steps over her sleeping buddy, whom she is supposed to wake if she needed to go to the toilet at night, and makes her way to the very remote top-floor toilets.
There, she locks herself into a cubicle and she undresses, and proceeds to put on a diaper. She then poops, emptying out 2 days worth of processed food into her diaper. She is aware that she is pooping her diaper, right in front of a toilet, and uneasily looks away. At this juncture, something awful happens, say, a fire breaks out and there is a fire-evecuation drill. What would happen to this girl? Does she slowly change out of her poopy diaper and leave the diaper in the cubicle before assembling with the others, leaving her friends to worry and for panicked teachers to search for her? Or does she pull on her pants and run to assemble, and hope that no one notices the crinkle sound and awful smell emanating from her big-padded posterior?

Those two paragraphs of fantasy story highlights everything that a real life diaper-pooping child would have to face outside the comfort zone of her home and room. Would a young child be able to handle such stress?

I have been pondering this question for years, and I have formed a conclusion; only children from extreme family backgrounds would have the remotest chance. Single-parent, middle-income, maybe no love, always attended to by a servant or nanny, no friends or with little contact with people their age. Basically parents who do not bother with their kid. Or parents who love their kids to bits and do not want to hurt them in any way. Even then, a very simple calculation would show that keeping a child in diapers is much more expensive than the water bills for flushing toilets and toilet paper. (For 1 year approx, Baby Diapers = $205, Adult Diapers = $296, Flushwater+TP=$20+28)** That would be the biggest incentive for a parent to wean their kid off diapers even if they don’t emotionally care about the child.

To this end, I’ve come across a few cases of children right here in Singapore who used diapers just to poop. Do they still need diapers to poop, I don’t know. But back in their day, they were hushed up by their parents, who were desperate to train their child. Incidentally, while we all know that boys are harder to toilet train, I’ve only seen girls so far, that escape well beyond primary one. Here’s one Singaporean forum thread that still exists.


So it would take a very unsocial, rarely-sees-extended-family kind of kid with a weak, non-domineering and don’t-want-to hurt-my-kid-at-all kind of parent for this to be even plausible. Given that or society is rather big, and modernisation does create such families I guess it is plausible for such a scenario to play out in creating a child who is not incontinent yet uses a diaper.

So what about the struggles and side-effects on such a child? We shall examine that in Part 2…


** These figures are approximate, and are based on a person passing motion 370 times a year. Prices of Mamy Poko XXL, Giant Store Brand Diapers M, Scott Premium 3-ply Toilet Rolls, and a monthly bill of $8.92/m^3 were assumed, without prevailing promotions. Ok, enough, this was supposed to be an approximation. But the numbers speak volumes.


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