A Diapered Soldier?

Is that even possible? I mean, there’s just so many things wrong with that statement, it just seems like an oxymoron.

The word ‘diapered’ here connotes helplessness, innocence, weakness, dependent. And the word ‘soldier’ spells out servant, aggression, strength, independence. Just the phrase alone seems taboo.

But lo and behold, there are diapered soldiers out there. Mind you, we are far and few in between, but we exist. How is it possible, one may ask.

It doesn’t take much to realise how difficult it is for a soldier wearing a diaper to do his job. The diaper traps heat and makes it very uncomfortable for him. It rubs against his nether-regions, and may cause chafing or groin-compression. There would be no place to change diapers out in the barracks or battlefield, no space to keep a large supply of diapers, not much time for maintainence etc.

Then there is the social stigma. Fellow soldiers would certainly ridicule an incontinent for joining their ranks. They would not tolerate the urine smell, especially in confined areas such as barracks or transport vehicles, helicopters, tanks etc. The ever-present crinkle sound would serve as a constant source of embarrassment for the incontinent soldier, as well as an irritation for his fellows.

But even if there were an entire regiment of incontinent soldiers, where the aforementioned social stigma is negated, there is still the physical aspect that makes it near impossible to wear diapers. Can you imagine being in a warm and sweaty state in a humid environment and you need a change? The moment you open your diaper you’d wish you had never been born, for all the insects would home in on the new source of heat. Ouch!

There are incontinent soldiers who wear them to work, but… yeah, they are nonexistent in traditional armies, only present in conscript armies. Non-combatant soldiers, these people are. In other words, clerks. I don’t look down on these people, for it is their (within) defect. I really feel for them, for I guess they wouldn’t have wanted such a situation.

So… What about a DL soldier? Social stigma, physical hindrances and the perennial smell would be a big no-no to any soldier thinking of wearing diapers. And given the serious and physically demanding nature of soldiering, I would say that it is extremely unlikely that any ABDL soldier would wear them while uniformed. That is if there are ABDL soldiers in the first place, given the mental framework of a person who needs to fight for honour and country.

But wait, I am a DL soldier. Unwilling, as National Service in Singapore is compulsory, but still indulging whenever possible.

Such as last night. That bulge you see, contained about 3 days worth of processed food. Not a healthy thing to do but hey, when you say ‘indulge’, chances are that it is not healthy to begin with!

Diaper Tena Slip Super TSS
Oh, and I finally published that pet project of mine. You can view it on the ABDL Story Forum, as well as ADISC. Thank you for your support.
– Selv

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