When we mention the word ‘Asian’, the first things that comes to a westerner’s mind is that ah, they are conservative, they are backward-thinking, they are not open-minded etc etc, along with the usual negative thinking. Sadly, while these MAJOR stereotypes, it does have its roots in truth.

Even the most developed, cosmopolitan societies such as Singapore, Hong Kong and Tokyo have some very conservative policies when it comes to social policies. So it is no wonder that people look down on those who do not conform to society’s views. Eg Gays, Atheists, cheating on spouses, prostitution, narcotic drug usage, to name a few. But even these aforementioned concepts, while deeply frowned down upon, are still much more rampant that fetistic activities.

ABDLism is a new thing. A simple check online shows that it is mostly Americans and Europeans that indulge in it. Sadly, google searches make it seem that ALL ABDLs are sexually motivated. But that isn’t true. So how then do I tell my future wife that I like diapers? How do I justify that an Asian could even THINK about such things?

To an ABDL, wearing diapers and being allowed to discuss them are very important things. The diaper is central to our identity, though not all actually use them. There is just this non-liberal concept that only babies use them. Adults use them too- bedridden seniors that is. Perhaps that is why an outsider frowns down on diaper usage.

But back to the Asian part of the equation. For thousands of years people just let babies roam naked, and just cleaned up the floor after them. There was no concept of germs and hygiene, no expensive furniture to protect. The most they just put a loin-cloth (a one-piece cloth the size of a handkerchief) around their infant’s bottoms. For the seniors, (well, if people did reach that stage and weren’t killed off by family members) they would just be left on the old-style bed and their excrement would fall into the waiting bedpans below. Diapers are a very recent thing, along with plastic pants. Only with a little wealth and growing public-hygiene awareness programs did they gain prominence. Only the youngest of my mother’s siblings had the luxury of wearing diapers and plastic pants in the mid-1970s. The rest of the lot went cold-turkey.

While Asia was playing a ‘catching up game’ with the West with regards to diapers (and everything else), mindsets in Europe and America were able to progress, with the few decades head start. That is why the majority of ABDLs are Westerners. This is my perspective. ABDLism is far from being accepted in western society, but at least it is not unheard of. And given the culture of liberalism people, especially parents and spouses, are willing to embrace ABDL family members. Even if they don’t engage in those activities themselves.

Given time, ABDLism will be accepted in Asian societies. Maybe within my children’s’ lifetime, maybe not.


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