The dateline

I spent a good deal of my day in camp writing a diaper review for the Tena Slip Super. I had a super experience with it, and was penning down my thoughts about it. Review prob by next week. But first I have to complete my Giant storebrand Diaper Review.

I also spent the day reviewing the very last chapter of my pet project – The Girl Who Wondered If Only (TGWWIO). It had been a very long journey a 4 years in fact – as I struggled to find the correct words and ideas to express the story in mind. It started off as a random side note. I couldn’t find many stories of a similar genre on the internet so I decided to write one myself. Then I submitted a paragraph. Then another, and another. I wanted to write a memorable story, something that would be remembered.

This is my first piece of serious ABDL fiction. It is also the first that I’ve shown anyone. I’ve come a long way writing this, and I have learned tonnes about writing fiction through this journey. The good folks at ADISC guided me through the process and gave me very useful tips.

I remember the storm that erupted with my first post(I still have a transcript of it), and the pointers I learnt from them. To be honest I was very touched by the help I was getting. There I was, a then 17-y/o keyboard warrior presenting a measly story, and experienced writers from across the world were giving me advice! It was a great motivation for me to keep on writing, though words came very slowly.

At one point I stopped. I felt very embarrassed as I read through the whole story. There were just so many inconsistencies and cliches! Not to mention several punctuation and spelling errors. Incidentally that was the period when the Admin Axe occurred at ADISC. But I saw it as a chance for me to clean up the story and burn a few cliches.

I rewrote the entire story. I spent several sleepless nights fussing over Amanda’s problem as if it were my own. I rewrote TGWWIO again and again. Page after page. Draft after draft. I shaped it up properly into chapters and ironed out the inconsistencies. I really wanted to keep the Singaporean essence, but I was presenting it to an international audience. Would they understand? I eventually settled for keeping it soft, to make it readable. Hesitantly, I submitted it to the ADISC story forum again, as well as the ABDL Story Forum.

Some people were happy to see it revived, others weren’t as enthusiastic but still encouraged me. I guess the idea of a young woman messing herself in a diaper is a rather overrated ABDL story plot. And very few people like to read messing stories. Perhaps that’s why it wasn’t that well received, but I’m happy, because it shaped out somewhat the way I wanted it.

As for the future, I plan to split the storyline and write two sequels, with one following Amanda’s problem and another following Alicia’s happier journey after. The former should see light around the start of next year, if all goes well, but the latter is a KIV project, a long way away from seeing light.

Last but no least, I wish to thank you for taking your precious time to read what I have to say. Thank you for your patience through these three years as you supported me and have me invaluable guidance and constructive criticism. I thank you from the bottom of my DL heart.

– Selv


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